Cry Baby Noodles Recipe (Netflix's Hunger)

Cry Baby Noodles Recipe (Netflix’s Hunger)

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Feeling the pangs of hunger, but not in the mood for the same old boring dishes? Enter Cry Baby Noodles – a culinary delight that satisfies your cravings and adds a spicy kick to your mealtime adventures. Inspired by the hit Netflix series “Hunger,” these noodles have taken the internet by storm with their unique blend of flavors and fiery heat. Let’s dive into the world of Cry Baby Noodles and learn how to whip up this tantalizing dish in your kitchen.

What are Cry Baby Noodles?


Cry Baby Noodles are a spicy and savory dish that originated from the bustling streets of Southeast Asia. This culinary masterpiece combines chewy noodles with a medley of aromatic spices and herbs, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. The dish gets its name from the intense heat it brings – enough to make even the toughest foodies shed a tear of joy.

cry baby noodles recipe



  • Fresh noodles (preferably egg or rice noodles)
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Chili paste or sauce
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Green onions
  • Protein of choice (such as chicken, tofu, or shrimp)
  • Assorted vegetables (bell peppers, carrots, and cabbage work well)

How to Make Cry Baby Noodles



Before diving into the cooking process, ensure you have all your ingredients and utensils ready to go. Chop the garlic, ginger, and green onions, and prepare your choice of protein and vegetables.

Cry Baby Noodles Recipe (Netflix's Hunger)

Cooking Process:


  1. Boil the noodles: Cook the noodles according to the package instructions until they are al dente. Drain and set aside.
  2. Prepare the sauce: In a bowl, mix soy sauce, sesame oil, and chili paste to create the base sauce for your noodles. Adjust the spice level to your preference.
  3. Sauté aromatics: In a large pan or wok, heat some oil over medium-high heat. Add the chopped garlic, ginger, and green onions, and sauté until fragrant.
  4. Cook protein and vegetables: Add your choice of protein to the pan and cook until browned and cooked through. Then, toss in the assorted vegetables and cook until they are tender-crisp.
  5. Combine everything: Add the cooked noodles to the pan along with the prepared sauce. Toss everything together until the noodles are well-coated in the sauce and heated through.



Transfer the Cry Baby Noodles to serving plates or bowls and garnish with additional green onions or chili flakes for an extra kick. Serve hot and enjoy the explosion of flavors with every bite.

Cry Baby Noodles Recipe (Netflix's Hunger)

Tips for Perfect Cry Baby Noodles


  • Adjust the spice: Feel free to adjust the amount of chili paste or sauce according to your heat tolerance. You can also add sliced fresh chili peppers for an extra kick.
  • Fresh ingredients: Using fresh garlic, ginger, and green onions will enhance the flavor profile of the dish.
  • Customize to your liking: Get creative with your choice of protein and vegetables to tailor the dish to your preferences.

Variations and Customizations


  • Vegetarian/Vegan option: Skip the meat and opt for tofu or tempeh as a protein alternative. Load up on colorful veggies for a nutritious and satisfying meal.
  • Seafood twist: Swap out the protein for seafood such as shrimp, squid, or scallops for a taste of the ocean.
  • Creamy rendition: Add a splash of coconut milk or cream to the sauce for a creamy twist on the classic Cry Baby Noodles.

Cry Baby Noodles Recipe (Netflix's Hunger)

Health Benefits of Cry Baby Noodles


Despite their indulgent flavors, Cry Baby Noodles offers several health benefits. The dish is packed with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, making it a wholesome meal option. Additionally, the spicy chili paste may help boost metabolism and aid digestion.



In conclusion, Cry Baby Noodles are more than just a dish – they’re an experience. With their bold flavors and fiery heat, they’re sure to spice up your mealtime routine and leave you craving for more. So why wait? Gather your ingredients and embark on a culinary adventure with Cry Baby Noodles today!

Cry Baby Noodles Recipe (Netflix's Hunger)
Done !!



1. Are Cry Baby Noodles suitable for vegetarians? Yes, you can easily make vegetarian or vegan Cry Baby Noodles by omitting the meat and using plant-based protein alternatives.

2. Can I make Cry Baby Noodles less spicy? Absolutely! Simply adjust the amount of chili paste or sauce to suit your spice tolerance.

3. How long does it take to prepare Cry Baby Noodles? The preparation and cooking process typically takes./ around 20-30 minutes, making it a quick and convenient meal option.

4. Can I use different types of noodles for this recipe? Yes, you can use your favorite type of noodles such as rice noodles, egg noodles, or even spaghetti if that’s what you have on hand.

5. Are Cry Baby Noodles suitable for kids? While the spice level can be adjusted, it’s best to use caution with young children as the dish can still be quite spicy. You may want to reduce or omit the chili paste altogether for a milder version.

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